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Friendster exploded Keram is joined by podcast regulars Aimee Lynn Chadwick and Truffle Jones in this special report on NAB 2011 – the biggest tech trade show in the world. Other topics include civil wars in the Middle East and Africa, the Cloud, Telepresence, Transmedia, Rango, Osama Bin Laden, hot dogs and Friendster’s revenge. Other features include listener mail and a rare bootleg of Keram live at the Hotel Cafe!

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Strange to think that in the last episode of the Keramcast, we were talking about the revolution in Egypt. Since then we have seen tsunamis, earthquakes, nuclear meltdowns, Libyan and Syrian civil war, the death of Bin Laden, the Royal wedding, the Canadian election, tornadoes in the Southern states, 3 movie premieres and NAB 2011. The new Keramcast episode 21 will cover it all. Post your questions now. We will answer.