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bert and ernie wear Guy Fawkes masks - by Dan Bellini

Ernie and Bert in Guy Fawkes masks by Dan Bellini via

In episode 22 of the KeramCast host Keram Malicki-Sanchez is joined by co-hosts Aimee Lynn Chadwick and contributor Truffle Jones to discuss a year-end roundup of the events of 2011 – from the ‘Arab Spring’ and ‘American Fall’ protests, Shepard Fairey and the LA art scene, Werner Herzog’s documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams to The Muppets‘ new movie and the ongoing golden age of television that includes The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Shameless, and Dexter.

The crew also gets into how to think about survival in the modern age and should (and when) the “lights go out”, the broken promise of Facebook’s IPO, the philosophy behind Amazon’s Kindle Fire vs. Apple’s iPad, Microsoft vs. Apple’s smart TV strategies, Hulu, Redbox and much more.

Don’t miss this fascinating romp through one of the strangest, most challenging and transitional years in recent history.

We wish you a safe and restful holiday season as we move into what will inevitably be another highly transformative year. Be good out there! With love.

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