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Dear friends of the KeramCast – while we assemble the next episode of KC, I wanted to mention that a film I worked on in 2007 – Marvel Comics’ Punisher: War Zone is out this week via a 2-disc standard DVD and Blu-Ray set. Look for it at your local DVD seller. I loved the film and am proud of what everyone accomplished. If you didn’t get a chance to see it in theaters, treat yourself to a whole lot of fun, and release that pent up rage through it, vicariously.

Also, I invite you to call the KeramCast at our LA studios on (310) 929-7268 and leave your stories about dealing with anxiety. If you do not suffer from an anxiety disorder, you are off the hook. But if you are just shy or nervous talking about it, believe me, you are not alone. We will keep all callers anonymous unless you want us to use your first name and location. We are building a life-changing episode for you based on years of experience with this.

Finally, I want to let you know we are hard at work finishing my new album Come To Life and hope to have it ready for the world by Fall 2009; it takes so much to make a record and even though we live in a fast-consuming and discarding society, the actual manifestation of a vision is formidable. You can purchase/download my acoustic album “Box” at or

Thank you for being a listener and subscriber of the podcast and we look forward to sharing new adventures with you soon!

Keram and crew.

man-on-wireGuaranteed to evoke strong opinion, Keram extrapolates his top ten list of documentaries about men that will change your life that he originally posted at  Docs can be about challenging subjects and the KeramCast never backs down from a good one.  Joined by co-host Aimee Lynn Chadwick, this episode also answers some viewer mail, and opines on everything from shark finning to why John Lennon was assassinated, from whether it is morally defensible to home-school your own kids off the grid to Charles Darwin’s panic disorder.

Please email us your questions and feedback. We will read all letters.

What documentary would you recommend?

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