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egyptian uprisingKeram is accompanied by podcast regulars Aimee Lynn Chadwick and Truffle Jones in this special episode of the Keramcast. Topics include the government-imposed Internet blackout in Egypt and telecom monopoly in Canada to the latest tech, social media marketing, the year’s best documentaries, Gaspar Noe’s Enter The Void, O2O business models, the Amazon Kindle, listener questions answered.

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Oh and Roger’s Cable in Canada is a monopoly and must be dismantled.

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Independent video games are going through something of an Enlightenment period with the propagation of free development platforms, starter kits and online marketplace happily stocking up on the latest titles assembled in basements, garages and coffee shops. The time is right for this emerging medium that brings together graphic design, music, storytelling and interactivity in a world hungry for new content, interaction and storytelling forms.

In this very special edition of the KeramCast, host Keram Malicki-Sanchez interviews Psychic Bunny founder Jesse Vigil and Indiecade director Sam Roberts about the history, present, and future of indie games, their new video game label The Singularity (also working with Indiecade festival chair Celia Pearce) and what amazing things lay ahead.

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In this year-end wrap up, Keram Malicki-Sanchez and co-host Aimee Lynn Chadwick cover the many extraordinary events and changes that took place in culture, media, technology and the world in 2009.  From Obama to U2 streaming live in HD over the internet, Ebooks to Avatar, Iranian protests via Twitter to Canon’s groundbreaking HDSLR cameras and what is was like shooting with Christian Slater or a RED camera in the midst of a hurricane in Hawai’i, this episode has it all.

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man-on-wireGuaranteed to evoke strong opinion, Keram extrapolates his top ten list of documentaries about men that will change your life that he originally posted at  Docs can be about challenging subjects and the KeramCast never backs down from a good one.  Joined by co-host Aimee Lynn Chadwick, this episode also answers some viewer mail, and opines on everything from shark finning to why John Lennon was assassinated, from whether it is morally defensible to home-school your own kids off the grid to Charles Darwin’s panic disorder.

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Dear listeners,

Despite the little gap in new episodes, I wanted to let you know that the podcast is alive and well!  We have been upgrading our infrastructure and plotting out the next few episodes!  I want to thank you for listening and am looking forward to sharing new episodes with you soon!

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