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Friendster exploded Keram is joined by podcast regulars Aimee Lynn Chadwick and Truffle Jones in this special report on NAB 2011 – the biggest tech trade show in the world. Other topics include civil wars in the Middle East and Africa, the Cloud, Telepresence, Transmedia, Rango, Osama Bin Laden, hot dogs and Friendster’s revenge. Other features include listener mail and a rare bootleg of Keram live at the Hotel Cafe!

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Hello dear friends, while we have been busy relocating our podcast studio to its swanky new location in Hollywood, California, co-host Aimee Lynn Chadwick has been busy shooting with Christian Slater! Tonight you can see what Aimee does for a real living on Jerry Bruckheimer’s new crime drama The Forgotten on ABC at 10PM.

We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your thoughts. We also look forward to bringing you hot new episodes of the KeramCast as soon as we get all these machines plugged back in.


Keram Malicki-Sanchez

Chinese skycraperIn this very special one hour episode, Keram interviews his own flesh-and-blood sister Vanessa on a stopover to Los Angeles during the course of an amazing journey that has taken her from a four-day trek along the Inca Trail to the ancient and magical cloud city of Machu Pichu in Peru to the polluted and technologically advanced cities of the Canton province in China and its wonders untold for a series of tech conventions.

Keram and co-host Aimee Lynn Chadwick hear from Vanessa about unlocking the codes of textiles from one region of the world to another, how the loom is the precursor to the laptop, the critical differences between natural and synthetic fibers and dyes, the lake of floating islands in Peru powered by solar panels, the latest subversive street art  from Hong Kong and China, the semiotics of fashion and so much more.

Join the KeramCast on this amazing voyage of discovery and insight.

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Segway based Steadicam at NAB 2009 The end of the Boston Globe, one of America’s oldest newspapers, comes at the same time as Amazon announces the sequel to its digital book reader the Kindle DX.  Aimee returns from Boston and reports on the Virgin airlines experience.  Free Realms, Sony’s new free online MMORPG launches.

Diane Sutter receives a Leadership award for her Broadcast Leadership Program which trains women and minorities how to purchase and run their own broadcast network.  The latest Mo-Cap technology from the Jim Henson Creature Workshop and how it’s used in Sid the Science Kid, the Flip Mino, the Steadicam Segway, the Nokia ultra-portable device that runs Google’s Android, the new forums at and the importance of building community around your brand – all this and more is discussed in this super-packed new episode of the KeramCast.

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Author Malcolm Gladwell speaks to NAB President and CEO David K. RehrKeram and Aimee are back from eight days in Vegas where they got the very latest scoop from the leading minds of the entertainment industry in a series of intimate panels and lectures that included speakers like author Malcolm Gladwell, and presidents, CEO’s and GM’s of Disney, Electronic Arts, and Adobe Software on such diverse topics as the the nature of success, ARG’s, the shape of Web 3.0, 3DTV, HD Radio and FM chips on your cell phone.

This episode is part one of what amazing new insights the KeramCast has to share with you about the latest and most incredibly innovative products and ideas. It’s like a free trip to Vegas and a media insider’s pass to the private seminars – all you have to do is click download or check it out at iTunes or your ipod.

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