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glowing_mushroomsKeram discusses mysterious mushrooms, specters, serendipity, coincidence, superstition and how to become a magician of the first order.  He is joined by co-host Aimee Lynn Chadwick.

This episode also features an exclusive new track by Keram.

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Have you experienced an intensely powerful and unusual coincidence?

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new year's eve ticking clockAs the KeramCast ramps up to the new year, we are preparing a fresh slate of episodes to keep you company while you drive, bathe, jog, pwn nubs in the PvP battlegrounds, or do whatever it is you do when listening to our podcast.

To help us get a better idea of what you are into, we created a new poll at the main website (in case you are reading this via email or a feed) at

Please take a moment to register at the site (which also enables you to post comments on past and future episodes) and vote on your favorite subjects so we can prioritize what we will discuss and whom we will interview in the coming months.

Thanks for listening, and Happy New Year.

Keram Malicki-Sanchez